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In April of 2019 in Detroit Lakes Minnesota, Todd, Kevin, and Storm decided to take the path of adventure and take the Max Ice Challenge. The point of the game? To drink the machine out of ice. Six hours and three indifferent wives later the three of us prevailed. When we came to we were hit with, among other things, an idea. The idea was to take our life challenge to the people, after months of thinking, drinking, and planning we figured it out. Max Ice Golf is the world leader in sportswear, golf gear, bags of ice, drinking challenges, and going hard. We figured out that our type of golfer was under represented. Furthering our passion for below par golf Kevin and Storm invited Travis into the fray and brought the Max Ice guys to life. Now we are moving forward to bring you products that represent you as a golfer, someone who is there for fun no matter how many golf balls you lose off the tee. With Max Ice Golf you're there to call in a bomb threat with every drive and celebrate every par like you just won the Masters

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